The average price of broadband in NZ revealed! Find out now if you’re being overcharged!

The average price of broadband in NZ revealed! Find out now if you’re being overcharged!
Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Just in! A global study of broadband pricing has revealed a very important piece of information…the average price of fixed broadband in NZ in 2022! 

The study found that the average price is around $86 NZD ($59.33 USD). 

This is absolutely fantastic information for Kiwi consumers as we now know the price we should expect from our broadband providers! 

If you’re feeling like you’re paying way more than this, don’t stress! We’ll run you through all you need to know to figure out whether you’re getting a good deal or not. 

Plus, we’ve got the best way for you to compare and switch providers! 

A study on global broadband prices! 

A few weeks ago, a study by was released that showed the pricing per month of residential fixed broadband across 220 countries. The study examined ADSL or some type of fibre monthly packages from providers in each country. 

The results showed a wide variety of pricing all across the globe. At the top of the ranking, the places with the cheapest prices were CIS (Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, etc.), the Baltics (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) and Eastern Europe. On the other end, at the bottom of the ranking, with the most expensive prices were Northern America, Oceania and the Caribbean. 

The cheapest place to get fixed broadband is in Syria at $3.13 NZD a month ($2.15 USD). An incredibly low price, in large part due to the depreciation of the Syrian Pound to the US Dollar. While the most expensive place to get fixed broadband is in Burundi at $625.10 NZD a month ($429.95 USD). This mainly has to do with the country’s poor infrastructure of their network.

This is an insightful study that will be helpful for many consumers around the world!

Where did New Zealand place? 

In this study, New Zealand ranked 146th with an average price per month of about $86 NZD ($59.33 USD). 39 different ‘packages’ (different broadband plans offered by providers) were measured to find this average price. 

This means that in the world ranking, New Zealand sits around the middle of the chart for how expensive it is to get fixed broadband.

Why’s this so important? 

Understanding the average price for broadband plans is key to consumers being able to know whether they are getting a good price on their plan. 

For most consumers, it can be very tricky to know what sort of pricing they should expect when looking at their broadband plans. Often, we might sign up for a plan as it sounds good (because of some clever marketing) but in reality it might end up being more expensive. When all the providers are claiming to have the lowest prices and best deals, it can get confusing to know what’s the truth. 

Of course, if people really wanted to know, they could open up a spreadsheet and note down all the different prices from different broadband providers to find the average price…but nobody has time for that! 

That’s why this information revealing the average price of monthly broadband is so important for consumers. Now we know what we should expect for pricing when it comes to our broadband plans! 

How can I make sure that I’m not being overcharged for my broadband? 

So you may be looking at the average price of $86 for monthly broadband and be thinking, hmmm… why am I paying so much more?!

Now before you freak out, have a look at the broadband plan you’re on. It may be more expensive for some good reasons! It’ll likely come down to your connection. If you’re living the rural dream then you might be on a satellite or wireless (3G/4G) connection, which tends to cost more. Or if you crave the fastest speeds and you’re on a HyperFibre plan- then this will cost a bit more than the average plan! 

If there isn’t anything unique to your plan that could be raising your price that you’re aware of…you could be getting overcharged. 

We know this might have your mind racing but don’t worry! Sit back and relax because we’ve got a simple solution for you!

Use Broadband Compare!! 

The best way to see if you’re getting overcharged is by comparing your plan with other plans that are out there. If you do this, you’ll likely find a better plan that saves you money and also suits your specific needs better! 

Luckily, you don’t have to scroll endlessly through different providers’ websites. 

You can do all your comparing on one website in a matter of minutes with Broadband Compare! 

Jump on our website and you’ll be able to compare all the plans available to you! You’ll be able to quickly and easily see how much each plan costs and what’s offered in the plan. This will help you find not only the CHEAPEST plan but also the BEST plan for you!

Even if you are living the rural dream or need those faster HyperFibre speeds- it still pays to compare as you could find a better deal or some extra savings! 

So if you want the greatest plan, then jump on Broadband Compare! 

Here’s how to compare and switch! 

Did we mention that on Broadband Compare you can also see all the special benefits and deals that providers are offering? You’ll be able to see the joining deals providers offer (FREE months of broadband), who offers free streaming subscriptions and who offers bundle packages with your mobile plan (saving you heaps of money)! Sounds awesome right?!

So, of course now you’re keen to compare broadband providers and switch! 

Luckily, with Broadband Compare, the process is super simple! 

Just jump onto our website, enter your address and select the filters that suit your preferences and you’ll see the plans available to you. You can then compare all your options side-by-side!

If you aren’t so tech savvy or would rather talk with another kind human, then give our friendly customer support team a free call on 0508 22 66 72. They’ll help you find a plan that’ll save your hard-earned cash! 

At the end of the day, when it comes to your broadband plan, you want to be as well-informed as possible so you can find the best plan for your household. Thanks to this study AND Broadband Compare, you’re one step closer to getting the plan of your dreams!

Go get those savings now! 

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