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Total: 7.8
Reliability 8.3
Speed 7.9
Support 8.7
Features 7.4
Value 6.7
Average from 7 reviews
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2021-09-01 17:41:22
Lucia G 8.8
NetSpeed have provided us with reliable and speedy rural wireless broadband in a remote location where using the old copper network would be hopeless. Their plans are good value, very adaptable and easy to change, you're not locked into any lengthy contracts and you can even pause your service if you're eg going on holiday.
The BEST thing about NetSpeed though is their lovely customer service. I've had nothing but very prompt and helpful service via email as well as over the phone.
No lengthy contract. Amazing customer service. Can change up or down plans at any time, depending on your needs/usage..
Not super fast (albeit perfectly adequate for Netflix, Zoom meetings, etc) but their wireless plans are a lifesaver for those living rural. Router is a bit pricey, but good, and they allow you to pay it off in installments.
2021-05-21 16:35:08
Winona Holl 8.0
My broadband is portable, so I can take my modem with me when I travel and the signal is strong in most places. That's awesome. The customer service is amazing, very personal and helpful, always fast service.
2018-02-01 05:28:33
Ben Fernmoor 10.0
Totally Awesome company.

Its not very often that I give such high praise but Netspeed deserve this completely.

Moved into a newbuild house 3 weeks ago in a rural area. Searched for various internet options without getting very far.

Wired fibre broadband was out of the question because it turns out we are not hardwired to the network.

Started looking at rural wireless BB instead.

No service with Uber or Spark. Did on online check of nearet cell tower - it was 2km away so should be ok.

Called vodafone - awful customer service. Agent sounded bored and I knew more about her service than she did.

Then I called Netspeed. That was 2 days ago.

Today we are connected to the world.

I held off writing this review until today because I'm a glass half full kinda guy and I was expecting things to go wrong - nothing is ever as good as it sounds at first, right?

Spoke to their Agent called Stan. He was so helpful and knowledgabe - didnt have to pump him for answers like vodafone. He was clear and simple with his information.

Signed up there and then. He emailed the invoice which I pad today. He posted the router - that just arrived by courier.

Plugged it in and got connected in 30 mins (thats the desktop pc, 2 laptops, a tablet and a smartphone.

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Heres the thing - its contract free. No penalty for stopping contract.
Router was $300 but we get to keep it.
several options for data and phone which you can swap around whenever you like (and yes they will accept you going onto a cheaper tariff if youre not using all the data)
Current plan is 120GB per month @ $100 per month
We pay for VOIP phone at $15 extra

There is so much extra that comes with it -
free voicemail
free email to fax service
calls to many international destinations for 5c per min
free VOIP calls using my smartphone via the router (thats witchcraft right?)
Can even control the router using my smartphone.

Finally, I am NOT an employee or on commission! Just a very satisfied customer.
...read more
nothing as yet but will keep you posted
2017-09-17 03:00:36
False Name 7.2
We live in a valley near town with no fibre or ADSL available .We have been rejected by Vodaphone, Spark and Farmside as "outside RBI coverage".
Netspeed and their local Manawatu agents deserve kudos as the only company who tried to get us coverage on the RBI and succeeded.
Offered test with no charge if they could not supply reliable connection to RBI
NetSpeed offering cost and provision similar to wireless nation.
Pretty helpful service
Small company, sometimes don't have staff to deal with widespread problem individually.
Set up not cheap as had to pay for their selected and supplied modem
2017-04-15 16:49:21
Kylie willigers 8.6
Excellent service. Went out of their way to help me get broadband to my rural property where no one else would even look at it. Really helpful and easy to deal with.
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